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Welcome to Exact Match Wood Touch Up

Surface repair system.

This is the only simple to use repair system that can virtually match any color surface. Fan out the color cards and pick the color that matches your damaged wood, leather, vinyl and many other surfaces. Activate the color card with our activating solution and apply the correct color onto the repair with the artist brush. With our repair system you can easily accomplish long lasting wood floor repairs, kitchen cabinet repairs, furniture repairs, and many more. We recommend watching our videos to see how easy it is to use.

High Traffic Floor Area.

If it's a high traffic or high wear area get the Exact Match Wood Floor repair kit. This includes a simple to use wood epoxy to fill gouges and deep scratches. You can even rebuild broken corners of a cabinet or fix a dog chew with it. Simply cut off enough Exact Match Wood Epoxy to do your repair and knead it for a minute. Fill in the scratch, level it with the supplied tool and smooth with your fingers. Wait 60 minutes and use your color cards to get an Exact color Match. The Exact Match Wood Epoxy is much harder than the surrounding wood so it will hold up extremely well. You can even drill, screw, sand and nail into it.

We sell the highest quality products made.

Our brush we include is made with red sable hair for the best possible application. Our fill sticks we include are not the cheapies you get in stores. They are supplied to repair professionals throughout the world. Our color cards have an industrial grade color and finish that sticks to almost anything and won't rub off. Lastly our Exact Match Epoxy is a patented formula unlike any other epoxy made. It has many properties real wood does. Through years of testing we can confidently say there is nothing made that works better.

Our Guarantee and Returns Policy.

At Touch Up Products we want you to have a positive experience using our products. We make the best so we can offer the best guarantee. Simply put, if you are not satisfied with the performance of the Exact Match Wood Repair kit or any other product we make, return it within (30) days of purchase in good condition and we will refund your purchase price. Most people have simple repairs and rarely need assistance with the use of our kit however if you have a more difficult repair we will always be available for help over the telephone or internet.

Call Us Toll Free. We Can Help! 1-855-968-8682

Exact Match wood touch-up kits are made in the USA

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